I am a Full Stack Java/.NET software developer and DevOps Engineer. When I was 12 years old, I started programming and making websites. In 2014 I got my associates degree for system administration and in 2018 I finished my Computer Science bachelor. During my time as a student I've had multiple internships and in my spare time was a part-time developer for Arbor Media. Ever since I graduated I've been working for Topicus, where I now primarily focus on automating systems and processes.

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My employer, Topicus Healthcare, is a modern company based in Deventer, The Netherlands. It's primary objective is to improve the healthcare sector by developing applications that facilitate and support the critical processes.

In 2017 I started as a Software Developer, but since 2019 I am a DevOps Lead. I've worked on a microservice architecture in .NET and on a Java enterprise-application using Wicket. My current responsibilities include promoting and motivating my colleagues for the transition to a DevOps-oriented workflow.

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