I am a Full Stack Java/.NET software developer and DevOps Engineer. When I was 12 years old, I started programming and making websites. In 2014 I got my associates degree for system administration and in 2018 I finished my Computer Science bachelor. During my time as a student I've had multiple internships and in my spare time was a part-time developer for Arbor Media. Ever since I graduated I've been working for Topicus, where I now primarily focus on leading the organization into the era of DevOps (and SRE).

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πŸ’Ό Current Employment

My employer, Topicus Healthcare, is a modern company based in Deventer, The Netherlands. It's primary objective is to improve the healthcare sector by developing applications that facilitate and support the critical processes.

I started with Topicus in 2017 as an intern, researching the use of Microservices in .NET. In 2018 I was hired as a Java Software Developer to work on a enterprise application using Wicket. In 2019 the opportunity arose for me to become a more prominent figure in the companies DevOps transition as a DevOps Lead. My current responsibilities include promoting the DevOps-culture, leading the cross-functional infra team and managing relations with the vendors.

The Topicus headquarters in Deventer, which is housed in a historical school building
What have I worked on?
Forming a DevOps Infra Team
Forming a DevOps Infra Team

My first task was to form a DevOps-team using existing engineers.

I started by setting up a cross-functional team that performed routine maintenance tasks one day a week. I followed up by setting clear team-responsibilities and providing team with familiar processes such as refinements, retrospectives and roadmap meetings.

We succeeded in our goal to create a team that is supported by all disciplines throughout the entire organization.

Relevant tools:
Infra and Config as Code
Infra and Config as Code

In order to stimulate DevOps and allow teams to manage their own infra, I've promoted and put into use IaC and CaC tooling and pipelines.

To achieve this task, I designed the architecture and managed the hired help to create an MVP. After that, I acted as a Product Owner to develop and maintain the product in-house. I helped with documentation and interacted with teams to ensure a seamless onboarding experience.

Now, teams can deploy their Linux- and Windows-infra directly from Git.

Relevant tools:
AnsibleDockerOctopus Deploy
Backup migration
Backup migration

Product backups were stored on an inadequate storage solution. As part of updated security and performance requirements a new system needed to be put in place. Teams had the wish to invidually scale storage to their needs.

I designed a solution that met all requirements. To get teams migrated I set up the migration plan so that the Product Owners could refine it with their team. I worked with all 20+ teams to solve bottlenecks and reported progress back to management.

Relevant tools:


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